Our Mission

The Father's House exists so that people will dream again and live God's dream through Jesus.

Our Vision

We are called to ignite revival and kingdom movement from neighborhoods to nations.
We mobilize people for the mission and cause of Jesus Christ.
We multiply disciples, leaders, and churches.
We magnify Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior, and King.

Our Values

Dream Wild
We dream big, wild, audacious dreams because we serve a big God!
We are a church of revival. We make room for supernatural movement of the Holy Spirit
Burning Lights
We shine the brightest in the darkest places.

Fierce Family

We are a united, loving, growing family. We are passionate about God and each other. People over programs. We make room for others.

See The Big Picture
Neighborhoods to nations. We have both a local and worldwide vision.

Time Travelers
We build today in order to shape tomorrow. We're a church for the future.
Irrational Generosity
We truly believe it is more blessed to give than to receive.
Pursue God
We will create a place for people to pursue and experience God.
Love The Church
The local church is a big deal to God and a big deal to us.
Enjoy The Journey
Laugh hard, loud, and often.
Honor All
We recognize the value and worth in all people. We honor up, down, and all around.